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October 2020: Coffee’s Impact on Cognitive Function

August/September 2020: Health Benefits of Nettles

June/July 2020: Cruciferous Vegetables

May 2020: Offal — Health Benefits of Organ Meat

April 2020: The Relationship Between Food Allergies and Asthma

March 2020:  The Gut Microbiome and Nutritional Status

February 2020: The Disease-Protective Properties of Garlic

January 2020: Nutrition and Lifestyle Solutions to Female Hair Loss

November/December 2019: Preexisting Diabetes in Pregnancy

October 2019: Implications of Body Figure Awareness

September 2019: Health Benefits of Apples

August 2019: Clean Eating: What Does It Really Mean?

July 2019: SNAP: An Overview-The Basics of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and What's In Store

June 2019:  Food Deserts — Understanding Inequity, Seeking Solutions

May 2019: Nutrition Therapy for Adults Receiving Radiation Treatment

April 2019: Predictors of Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery

March 2019: Special Considerations for Youth with Diabetes

February 2019: Hypertension in Children and Adolescents

January 2019: Prediabetes - Diagnostic Criteria and Health Risks

December 2018: Eating Disorders in Pregnancy

November 2018: CoQ10 and Heart Health

October 2018: Nutritional Supplements and Male Athletes

September 2018: Eating Disorders in the LGBTQ Population

August 2018: Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment

July 2018: Soy and Breast Cancer — An In-Depth Review of the Research

June 2018: Components of Healthful Grilling

May 2018: Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

April 2018: Vitamin D and Bone Health

March 2018: Family Approaches to Weight Management

February 2018: Cancer Prevention — The Role of Inflammation, Phytochemicals, and the Microbiome

January 2018: Understanding Triglycerides: Strategies for Counseling Clients — Learn the Current Research on Triglycerides and Recommendations and Strategies RDs Can Use to Counsel Clients to Manage and Prevent CVD

December 2017: Statins: What Dietitians Need to Know — Learn the History of the Use of Statin Medications, as Well as the Role RDs Play in the Management of Patients With Hyperlipidemia

November 2017: Postbariatric Body Contouring Surgery — Learn About the Dietitian’s Important Role in Counseling and Educating Patients